WE NEED YOU as part of 2018-2019 OH180!

A dollar a day will preserve the OUTSTANDING programs at Orchard Hills.

Please become a member of our PTO by completing the OH180 Membership Form HERE!

WHY make a donation to the PTO?

To create a “WORLD CLASS” school! Funds raised through the PTO pledge drive are used to provide programs and materials that are not funded by the state.

Examples of PTO purchases that have made improvements to your child’s education:

  • Classroom materials / enrichment
  • Computers / iPads
  • Science equipment / supplies
  • Library books / supplies
  • Fibo Art program
  • PBS / CJSF / AVID programs
  • Online resources / materials
  • Musical instruments
  • Student programs

THANK YOU in advance for your generous support of Orchard Hills School!